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Must-see tips for picking home clock

There are varied clocks, like the electronic, the traditional and so on. Plus, mobile phones, actually, that are also an type of electronic clock. What kind of home clock is better? I think the following points will help you choose the right clock.


digital weather forecast clock


Tips for picking home clock 



Wall clocks are usually hung in eye-catching places. If the style of the wall clock does not match the decoration of the room, it may seem to have a sense of abruptness. Choosing a wall clock with a suitable style can also play a role in decorating the interior and give the original silent wall. Add a touch of vitality to the face.



When buying a wall clock, be sure to pay attention to the size. Too big will make the space look crowded, and too small will make the space feel cramped, so you must choose the right size to make the two complement each other. You can refer to the following specifications:

  • Small room, bedroom, kitchen: 10, 11 inches
  • General bedroom, living room (15-20 square meters): 12, 14 inches
  • Large living room (20-40 flat): 14 inches or 16 inches



It's better to use carbon batteries instead of alkaline batteries, because the high voltage of alkaline batteries can damage the movement a lot. Not only that, but also occasionally leaking after the alkaline batteries are used for a long time, resulting in damage. Movement. Carbon batteries can generally be used for about 1 year. (Ps: Carbon batteries are zinc-manganese batteries and contain heavy metal chromium, which will damage the environment. Don’t throw them away.)



When we introduced the movement type in the previous section, we can understand that the sound produced by the sweep second movement is the slightest, so if you are sensitive to sound, it is better to choose the sweep second movement instead of the jump second movement.


I believe you can buy a suitable clock through the above suggestions. You can also browse my recommendations, they are more in line with the current fast-paced life.


Personal recommendation: a clock telling you the weather

We rarely have the habit of turning on the TV or listening to the radio to get the weather. The clock that can broadcast the weather can help us solve the problem, set the demand according to the time, and get the weather today as soon as we wake up.


Weather forecast clock


weather forecast clock

I often ride a bicycle to work and are far away. I may need a clock to remind me that I will adjust my cycling speed according to the time and distance. It is impossible for me to carry the clock with me, so the weather forecast clock selected by my mobile phone alarm will remind me of the fixed time when I go out and tell me the weather conditions today. If you have the same needs as me, at home, you can choose OEM weather forecast clock to remind you not to forget to bring rain gear when you go out.


Weather digital clock


weather digital clock

If you are not used to using mechanical clocks, then a digital weather clock is your best choice. The numbers are very conspicuous. Compared with the traditional clock, you can see the current time clearly in less time. In addition, it can remind you of your sleep time and whether to continue to sleep after the alarm rings.


Many OEM weather digital clock manufacturers support custom personalized services for you according to your needs. MJH is such a company. Check our website-- www.manjianghong.vip. In addition, any interests, you can get contact information at the bottom of the page.


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