LCD multi-function desktop digital weather station clock
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How to choose a clock?

Purchasing basis


Clocks are one of the main timers in our daily lives. There are many varieties of household clocks. According to their manufacturing functions, there are two main categories: electronic clocks and clockwork clocks. According to the function of use, it is divided into ordinary alarm clock, flip-character calendar alarm clock, OEM weather station clock, table clock, ordinary wall clock, radio clock, electronic, quartz clock, etc. Different types of clocks have different effects when used.


Ordinary alarm clocks and flip-character calendar alarm clocks are small in size, light in weight. They are exquisitely placed on writing desks and bedside tables. They can be used in families with small housing areas and simple room layouts.


The luxurious craft alarm clock is luxurious and elegant, and the price is more expensive, so it is more suitable to be placed in a more elegant bedroom. The table clock has a simple Chinese traditional style, with a long running time, accurate reporting every half an hour, and durable.


There are many varieties of wall clocks. It can be used in longer, larger and taller rooms to enhance the overall sense of the new house and enhance the decorative art of the wall. The decorative effect of mechanical wall clocks is generous and quaint, and the color and luster should be as consistent with the color of the furniture as possible. Electronic and quartz wall clocks are currently the most popular household wall clocks with accurate timing, gorgeous appearance and easy to use.

Purchasing tips


  1. Looking at the exterior decoration, the joint of the clock shell should be flat and smooth, without cracks and scars. The color should be uniform and there should be no paint peeling or discoloration. The printing on the glass should be clear, and the decorative pattern on the shell should be correct and complete. There should be no black spots on the copper flower and electroplating ring, and there should be no rust spots, scratches and discoloration.


  1. The clock face should be smooth, free of fingerprints and obvious scars, and the lettering should be clear. The spray paint of the pointer should be even and smooth without paint peeling. The hour hand, minute hand, dial and glass cannot be rubbed against each other.


  1. The sound of walking should be stable, clear and free of noise; the pointer should be pointed at the correct time and be moved flexibly.


Purchasing misunderstanding


Best to buy a quartz clock


No. Although the performance of the quartz clock is the best, it is generally difficult to choose a good quality quartz clock. If the quality of the quartz clock is poor, it is difficult to oscillate according to the correct number of oscillations. The impurity content and morphology of natural quartz crystals are mostly not uniform, so It is necessary to use artificial quartz crystals. The artificial quartz stone is easy to cause time error in the process of use, so we try to choose the right one when purchasing, instead of blindly pursuing the quartz clock.


The bigger the clock, the better


No. Due to the different placement of the clock, the size of the clock should also match the surrounding decoration. If the living room is larger, you can choose a slightly larger wall clock; if the desk is smaller, you can choose a smaller alarm clock.


Now, do you know more about clocks? Any interests, welcome to contact our Dongguan Manjianghong Electronics Co., Ltd.

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