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  • 【Waterproof for Water Spray】Level IP24 waterproof and dustproof. Can withstand the spray from any direction(Do not put clock in water). Perfect for use in the showers, bathrooms, washroom, kitchen or next to the sink. Avoid placing clock timer directly in front of heavy water spray due to its touch screen sensitivity this may cause to activate or deactivate clock timer alarm. ★Please remove the protective film before use. 
  • 【Multipurpose Monitor】There are time display(12/24 hours), temperature humidity indication, setting of timer, comfort indication on LCD screen. One device can be used for various purposes, make your life more convenient. For example, it can be used to manage the temperature and humidity of the baby room, check the time while taking a shower or makeup, set the timer alarm for cooking, etc. Awesome TIME MANAGEMENT TOOL for Teacher, Student, Kids, Business Professional, Chef, Dressmaker.
  • 【Count Up and Count Down Timer Function】Easily set the timer with the three touch buttons on the front of the unit. When taking a shower, you can set a countdown alarm to help save time and water. Toothbrush timer for kids-Motivation and discipline-Timer is a great tool that helps kids motivate them to brush their teeth! LOUD SOUNDING ALARM - Can be heard in nearby rooms. Loud & clear but not deafening. People who suffer from mild hearing loss should have no problem hearing the alarm.
  • 【Four Installation Methods】●STAND for vanity bench, office desk, table or shelf. ●HOLE for wall hanging and mounting. ●SUCTION CUP for glass, window, mirror, granite and stainless steel. ●MAGNET for iron-containing item. ★★AVOID using TILES as they are often NOT EFFECTIVE with SUCTION CUP method due to the TILE COMPOSITION. AVOID MOVING the Clock Timer when using the Suction Cup mounting method, and always regularly check the suction to make sure it is secure at all times.


How to choose a good hygrometer?

October 09,2021

I don't know if everyone feels this way. It's obviously the same temperature, but the south is obviously more uncomfortable than the north. This is because the air humidity in the south is higher than that in the north. The moisture floats in the air in the form of vaporization, and the air humidity in summer is higher, the air will store more heat. So people in the south feel much hotter than the north. At this time, a hygrometer is particularly important. So today, let's take a look at how to choose a good hygrometer.


What is hygrometer?


A hygrometer is a physical property analysis instrument that measures the humidity of a gas. Humidity represents the water vapor content in the gas, and there are two methods of expression: absolute humidity and relative humidity. Absolute humidity refers to the absolute content of water vapor in a gas, and the most commonly used unit is g/m3. At a certain temperature and pressure, the water vapor content per unit volume has a certain limit, which is called the saturated water vapor content. Relative humidity refers to the ratio of the absolute content of water vapor in the same volume of gas at the same temperature and pressure. The commonly used symbol is %R.H.


Why should we choose hygrometer?


The humidity in the air is a very important reference index for the elderly and children. If the indoor humidity exceeds or falls below the range of 45%-65%, the risk of catching a cold will greatly increase, especially in the transition season of autumn and winter. In addition to affecting the health of living people, the humidity in the air will also affect plants and collections. For example, excessive air humidity will make plant petals moldy and fall flowers, and easy to cause diseases and pests. Insufficient moisture will cause yellowish leaves and dry edges of leaves.


How to choose a reliable hygrometer?


  • Sensor


Because the humidity thermometer itself displays the temperature and humidity of the air in real time through the built-in sensor, measurement accuracy is the core reference indicator of the humidity thermometer. For manufacturers, every increase in measurement accuracy means that the production cost will be higher. The price is also very different.


  • Time drift and temperature drift


This is because the humidity thermometer is interfered by dust, oil and harmful gases during actual use, and the internal components are oxidized and aged, and the accuracy of the measurement will be reduced. Generally, the annual drift is about ±1.5%, and some ±2.5%.




The hanging height of the thermometer and hygrometer should be about 1.5m away from the ground, basically keeping it suitable for eye-level vision, so as to facilitate observation.


Avoid using it in acidic, alkaline and organic solvent-containing atmospheres, and do not place the sensor in a dead corner that is too close to the wall or where the air is not circulating.


If the space of the room to be measured is too large, it is recommended to place one in each bedroom for accurate measurement.


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