2020 New Arrivals Small Wireless BBQ Kitchen Food Meat Digital Cooking Thermometer With Probe
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You need a meat thermometer to ensure the cooked meat is perfect.

The texture of meat will change with temperature. In order to ensure that the cooked meat is perfect, it is recommended to use a meat thermometer. Some meat thermometers have recommended temperatures for various meats and have a probe. To detect the temperature in the center of the meat, whether it is a delicious and juicy steak on the grill or a roast chicken on Thanksgiving, you need a meat thermometer that can accurately measure the temperature.

Take roast chicken as an example. Temperature is the key factor that affects the perfect maturity of the chicken. The internal temperature of the chicken must reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe to eat, to avoid infection with Salmonella, and to keep the meat of the roast chicken soft and juicy. According to data published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Home Food Hygiene website, the safest eating temperature for internally matured pork chops and beef is 145 degrees Fahrenheit, while poultry, leftovers and stews are 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


Here are some categories of meat thermometers for you to choose.


Categories of meat thermometers


Oven-specific meat thermometer


It inserts the probe into the meat before roasting. It is suitable for meat of various sizes (whole turkey, roast, chicken breast, etc.). This kind of thermometer can be placed in the oven or on the grill during the baking process.


The dial thermometer has a large dial, which can be placed in the oven for easy reading of the temperature. Through the oven glass, you can observe the temperature changes of the meat dishes at any time. If it is used to detect larger or thicker meat products, the probe of the thermometer must be inserted into the meat piece at least 2 inches to reach the core of the meat piece. The thermometer should not touch the fat, bone or oil pan, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.


The use of digital thermometer is not to put the entire thermometer in the oven, but to connect the probe to the base with a long metal wire that can withstand the temperature of the oven, insert the probe into the meat, and the base is sucked. The iron is fixed on the outer panel of the oven. The temperature is measured by the probe, and the temperature reading can be seen outside the oven. There is no need to open the oven and the heat will not flow out.


Instant-read meat thermometer


 The instant-read meat thermometer is a probe type thermometer. It has two styles of dial and electronic display, which can quickly read the temperature of food. It is very suitable for measuring the maturity of meat dishes during the cooking process, but instead of putting a thermometer in the food to heat it together, you insert the thermometer into the food to detect the temperature and then remove the thermometer.


The dial instant-read meat thermometer must insert a metal rod at least 2 inches into the food. When cooking thin slices of meat such as hamburger steaks or pork chops, if you want to measure the accurate temperature, insert the metal probe from the side of the meat instead of from the front. The temperature will be displayed about 15-20 seconds after insertion. This type of thermometer cannot be used in cooking.


The probe of the electronic digital instant-read meat thermometer needs to be inserted into the meat about half an inch, and the thermometer must remain stable until the displayed number does not change, and the temperature number can be displayed after 10 seconds. They are suitable for detecting the maturity of all kinds of meat dishes, including large pieces of meat and thin pieces of meat, such as hamburger steaks, steaks and pork chops. They also cannot be used in cooking.


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